Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Jesus Train

As I was about 3/4 of the way through a walk around Chambers Bay, I heard a train approaching.  Since I was near to the tracks at that point, I thought it could be fun to wait and take a picture of it as it went by.  Despite the sounds seeming to indicate that it was just around the corner at several times, it took several minutes for the train to pull into sight.  As it rushed along its track, its wheels made their terrible screeching noise against the rails.  It was an unpleasant noise, but necessary for the train to accomplish its purpose.  Once the train passed, the view looked almost exactly like it had before, and I continued my walk.

Yesterday was Good Friday, the day the Lord died to restore us into right relationship with God.  
So, how does this relate to the train?

Period of waiting: B.C., especially as described in the Old Testament.  A time filled with longing for God to make Himself known and redeem the world.

The train: Jesus life on earth.

The unbearable noise of the train: the torture and crucifixion on the day the Church remembers during Good Friday.

After it passes: Continuation.  Christians, like the people of God in the Old Testament, are eager for God to reveal more of Himself and redeem the world.  However, now there is a sense of hope.  Whereas several people in the Old Testament could hear the train approaching, we have now seen the train.  We’ve heard the awful noise, and yet through that, we know that Jesus accomplished what He came to do.  

Imagine experiencing the train and having an experience of awe to the extent that it inspires you to do something, such as a little kid wanting to grow up to be a train conductor or engineer.  The sense of awe in the whole Jesus train, including his birth, teachings, miracles, and the sound of his death signaling the fulfillment of his purpose in coming, inspire me to live in such a way that reflects that state of awe.  Easter to me is a celebration of the fact that through his death and resurrection, the tracks have been laid enabling me to live in that state of awe and be in right relationship with God.

Happy Easter indeed

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