Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dots on a Fork

The row of dots on this fork is a design which, in this case, I find visually appealing.  Together, the dots provide me with a picture, that no one dot could accomplish on its own.  Yet if all of the dots simply blended together, the fork would seem rather plain.

As graduation draws ever closer, I continue to reflect on my time in college.  Like the fork, my college experience has many unique aspects to it which stand distinct from one another, yet at the same time, they are all linked together, like the dots are to this fork.  

One of the highlights of my college experience has been learning Koine Greek (Biblical Greek).  There are many dots, if you will, on this Greek fork.  Dot one was meeting with the Greek professor at the end of my freshman year and being persuaded to take the class the following fall.  The dots that followed included experiences of laughter both in the classroom and working through Greek homework with others, in class debates at the start of every 8 am class (which had nothing to do with Greek oddly enough), observing classmates show up to the final in togas, two games of Grabble (Greek Scrabble), and even a backpacking trip.  The dots are continuing to be added on daily too as I TA the first year Greek course where the students and professor surprise me by how much laughter they can bring to an 8 am class four days a week.  Together, theses experiences make a personal inscription on the Greek fork, which make it a joy for me to behold, or in this case reflect upon.

What are the details of the things in our life that make them precious to us?  

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