Thursday, March 3, 2016

Slow Down

If you asked my housemates when I got home whether or not I was taking things slow, the answer most assuredly would have been 'no.'  On the way home from school, I felt the urge to take the next few moments slowly.  I took it slowly enough to get this picture of the beginning of the sunset, reflected in a muddy pothole.  

The sky kept turning more vibrant as I entered through my home's front door.  I slung off my backpack and ran into the back yard, yelling at those who were being studious to come join in the marvel.  They laughed as I pranced about the yard for the next ten minutes, arms lifted high in praise.  What more can one do when met with such beauty?  

Despite the lack of physical slowness in those precious moments, I was still slow.  I was not ignoring the moment for the sake of preparing for the next, nor was I oblivious to the present as if I were still caught in the past.  As I praised God in that moment, I thought of what had past and what may lie ahead, but both within the context and full awareness of the present moment.  

This week, the question of how to balance pondering the present, future, and past, has been on my mind.  Tonight I received a partial answer: slow down.  Slow down and take in the present moment.  Use the sights and sounds, smells and feels, as stimuli to help you process and pray.  

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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