Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Half-way through a semester with 8 am classes four days a week, I am currently relishing the ability to sleep in during spring break.  As I take my time getting out of bed in the morning, I am reminded of the time in January when I wished to stay in bed a bit longer...

I had arrived in Greece less than 48 hours before, and we had a full day of touring the city ahead.  A few of my overly ambitious travel companions got up for their morning run around the city.  Meanwhile, I pulled myself out of bed (barely) and made my way into the hotel hallway to meet with a two like-minded travel companions who preferred walking over running.  We made our way out into the quiet streets of Athens and started walking towards Mars Hill.  We passed stray dogs scrounging for breakfast, street cleaners still tidying up yesterday's mess, construction workers beginning their day's work, and a few Orthodox churches with worshipers inside listening to the pre-dawn liturgy.  We mounted the hill as the sun began to turn the grey clouds into an array of vibrant colors.  The birds sang the morning song and shortly thereafter the bells of the churches began to ring out across the city.  One of my companions accurately entitled the moment as 'the battle of the bells.' We sat in a state of awe observing the Sunday dawn for twenty minutes then headed back to our hotel to join the rest of our group for breakfast.

I had wished to stay in bed that very morning to enjoy an extra hour of sleep.  Knowing that a busy day laid ahead, I thought I needed the rest.  I've never regretted losing that hour of sleep though for that hill top experience, for that experience provided with a sense of rest that an extra hour of sleep could never match.  

Where does one's soul find rest?  

Matthew 11:28

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