Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today at the day camp I am volunteering at, they did a brief skit to illustrate what Jesus did for us.
They started out by having somebody stand by a throne where there was a crown symbolizing a perfect relationship with God.  Slowly, as narration told the story, the person took the crown off the throne and carried it off, soon to crown themselves as king.  By the time the place the crown on their own head, they are across the room from where the throne remains and finally realize what they had done.
'Jesus' then comes into the room bearing a cross and positions himself as if he were hanging from it.  Then, after symbolizing that he had died and rose from the dead, he embraced the person who had taken the crown away from the throne (the person then gives back the crown and enjoys being in relationship with God again).
Sometimes, it is the simple illustration that we need to remember the importance of what Jesus did for us.  You can always come up with complex terms and focus on one of many aspects of the story, but until we are able to embrace the importance of it as a whole, how we live our lives will be dramatically different.

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