Friday, June 28, 2013


As I entered college, I had my path set.  I would complete my two bachelor degrees and get a minor in leadership.  I would then go on to do a two year program which would give me my masters degree in Oxford (then hopefully pursue a doctorate).
That perfect plan was messed up.
I am still working towards getting two bachelor degrees (Theology and Speech Communications), but dropped the leadership minor in order to pursue Honors.  Partway through my freshman year, the opportunity came up that I could possibly go to Oxford on a study abroad later in undergrad years.  I got excited about this opportunity and was full force ahead in pursuing it thinking it would give me a great chance to see whether or not I would really want to do a masters in Oxford.
Then came a little e-mail.  The e-mail, sent to all Theology students, recommended taking Greek in our undergrad years.  After discussing the idea along with further life goals with a wide variety of people, I decided that I would take Greek (starting in the fall)(at the cost of giving up the possibility of study abroad in Oxford (during undergrad)), and should start looking more into several seminaries that offer a masters in Divinity (which would get me further than a master in Theology which Oxford offered).
It took me several days to come up with the solid decision.  After having it solidified (or so I currently think), I felt a sense of relief.  Yes, my life was no longer sticking to what I thought was a great plan but had switched into an equally intriguing one.
That brings my to tonight.  Fiddling around on my computer, I took another glance at the organization which runs the two year program in Oxford.  I didn't find the two year program.
God knows what is in the future for me.  Sometimes plans take an unexpected turn, but then again, that unexpected turn can lead us away from dead ends and towards a path that God has intended for our lives.

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