Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God in the Dock (Part 1)

I picked up the next book in my seemingly overly tall pile of books from the local library.  I have a method of taking notes when I am reading where I read the book and type my favorite quotes into my iPhone.  I haven't even read two full pages in the book God in the Dock (by C.S. Lewis) and I already bothered to type in two quotes to my phone!  You can rightly presume that I am already loving the book.
In 1941, Lewis responded to an article in which he addressed the growing concern of what was happening in the world.  He reflects briefly back the the Victorian era which he called the happiest era. Now, with Britain well into World War II, Lewis seems to sense that there is a growing longing to return to what is normal for the world.  Lewis however, takes a brief look back through history and points out that being on the brink of destruction is indeed normal.  He ends his thought with the quote, "The present state of the world is normal; it was the last century that was the abnormality."
Would you say that we are currently in a state of what Lewis would call normal?
I think I would.

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