Friday, January 20, 2017

Rest in Transition

January has usually been a period of transitions for me. This month in particular, I've transitioned back into living on-campus at seminary after Christmas. I spend my days in the library researching and writings the assigned papers for my Jan-term class. After I return from work in the evenings, I transition into reading and trying to work ahead on assignments for what will be a busy spring semester. In the midst of this, finding snippets of time and trying to devote almost a full day a week to rest has been hugely important in helping me to personally process much of what is going on.

The photo is from a year ago when the group I was traveling throughout Greece with enjoyed an extended period of rest from our busy traveling schedule. While all that we were learning through the sites we were seeing and the museums we wandered through was important, perhaps equally as important was this moment of relearning the refreshment and renewed energy that come after rest.

In moments full of transition, do we find space to rest?

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