Friday, January 27, 2017

Finding the Temple of Zeus

About a year ago this week, I set out with two friends to find the Temple of Zeus. What we thought would be a short 20 minute walk from where we were turned out to be an hour of friendly arguing about which street to go down and laughing about  our inability to navigate in Athens. Despite the extended journey, it continues to be a memory that I look back upon as an example of the value in enjoying the journey, particularly in treasuring those you are walking besides. 

This semester I am 'required' to read Peace Like a River, which happens to be one of my favorite novels. One of the reviewers notes on the back cover that when you read this book, you are eager to find out how it ends, yet at the same time you don't want to speed-read over the wonderful writing that is displayed on every page. 

Do we seek to reach an end, whether it be completing a degree, finishing a book, or arriving at a destination, at the cost of not being open to joy where we are currently at?

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