Thursday, July 18, 2013

T.V. shows

Thinking through life, as I sit watching one of my favorite t.v. shows on my iPhone through my headphones.  Is this what I was meant to do with my life?  Answer: nope.
I tried to justify this unproductive habit by saying that it is a means of escape from the busyness that surrounds me.  It's a chance for me to relax and focus on something that I can watch, then think about, maybe even have a conversation about with friends, then move on to tackle another task.
But, in the midst of this seemingly happy bliss of escaping from the busyness, I asked myself the question, 'Would I want God to take a break to escape the busyness to watch a t.v. show alone?'.
God created a day of rest, and I believe that rest is beneficial.  We need to know how to rest though in a way that is truly restful, and remember that in order to rest and get the most out of that rest, we need to work (I would encourage you to look up John 14:12 to catch a glimpse of what God has intended for us to be doing as work).
Am I saying that you should never watch another t.v. show again?  No, even I will watch t.v. shows again.  They do serve a purpose of connecting us to each other (for example my room-mate and I both share a common interest in Dr. Who, which has bound us together).  It is my hope, thought, that the next time that I or you go to turn on another t.v. show, movie, or youtube video, that we would take the time to think if this is serving a purpose or if we are just filling ourselves with entertainment as a substitute for another, deeper rest that is only found in God.

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