Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One out of many

Today the e-mails have started rolling in.  Along with other pursuits, I am trying to sell some of my photos online this year.  One of the sites that I spent hours loading onto the other day is finally getting back to me, however it is rejecting the high majority of my photos.
What I find strange, is that the photos I think have a high chance of making it in usually don't.  For example, I had two very similar pictures, between which I had a definite preference.  This one photo site said no to the one I loved but yes to the other.
Yet again, another photo website has accepted photos that the other would not (both a a screening process).
Different people see potential in different things.
For example, I can see some areas for potential in my own life from time to time, while my mom is able to point out different areas of potential that I hadn't even thought about before.
Having others give input to where we can grow can be painful because it means that they don't see us as being perfect.  But, as we all know, none of us are perfect.
Take input with a grain of salt, keep looking, keeping asking for advice, and keep yourself in line with God's will.  You never know when something that has been rejected in one area may be accepted in another (like my photos).  All it takes is different perspectives.
This is why I believe that having a church community is important.  We will not all see God working in the same way in the same place.  It does take testimonies and another set of eyes to see God at work sometimes.

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