Friday, September 2, 2016

To whom shall we go?

Amidst transitioning from Whitworth to Estonia to Washington (home) and now to seminary, I found hiking to be a great means of helping me process the journey I’m on.  On one hike, I came across a pile of rocks which immediately brought to mind the altars in the Old Testament where people recognized the sovereignty of God.  As I reflect on where God has brought me up to this point and look towards what lies ahead, I must remember that where I go is always secondary to the One who sets the path before me.  (Psalm 23)

I’m looking forward to continuing to blog throughout seminary.  Look for new blogposts every Friday!

A few pictures and questions to ponder from August:

(Home Garden)

What resources make communities unique?

(Upper Big Quilcene Trail, Olympics, WA)

Do we take on only what we know we can handle (a short hike), or do we allow ourselves to be challenged by our trusted friends?

(Spokane, WA)

What makes a place a home?

(Whistler, BC)

How do we view dust in our lives: is it something which distorts the intended image (an originally black boot) or something through which we can be reminded of God's goodness?

Happy Fall!
Remember to check back every Friday for a new post.

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