Wednesday, August 5, 2015

As I approach the end of the internship...

As the end of my internship quickly approaches (less than two weeks away now), I’m beginning to feel more connected to my place here.  Youth ministry itself continues to be an adventure with a few trips up to the north side of the island, movie outings, and Crossfit.  A definite highlight of my time here though was Hume Hawaii camp.  Hume Ministries sent a team of talented people over for a week to run a camp for KCF and another church youth group.  Camp was held up near Waimea Canyon (where the cooler air, rain, and abundance trees made for one happy PNW kid).  Youth were kept busy all week at camp between recreation and chapel.  It was powerful to see young kids choosing to stay in chapel longer to pray and be vulnerable before God.  On the last night there, the kids managed to maintain a sense of worship (involving prayer, a short message on prayer, and singing) for almost 4 hours!  It’s been great to continue to be involved in the lives of these kids and see the lasting impact camp as they return to normal life. Overall I left camp very impressed with Hume ministries and thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the youth in that setting.  (Hume made a video of the camp which can be found at:

Right when I got back from camp, my parents arrived on the island for a brief visit.  I have loved spending time with them as we have traversed the island sightseeing and enjoying some of the great food (best item: a grass-fed Kauai beef and wild boar burger followed by a dark chocolate soufflé for dessert).  While I enjoy having some time with the parents to myself, I am also missing my brother and am looking forward to sharing a few experiences with him later this summer when we both return to the Pacific Northwest.

Youth are back in school now, which means I have more time to work on a few academic pursuits (reflections for internship, Hebrew, Greek, and reading for an upcoming study abroad trip).  I am also hoping to incorporate a bit of time for more photography adventures and hanging out with new friends, though it is incredible how fast these last few days are slipping by.  

At the beginning of the internship, I was already excited and a bit anxious to get home.  Now, I am still excited to go home, but not anxious.  I have finally established a sense of place here, enough to the point where I feel as though I am about to be partially uprooted as I return to my original place.  This experience has caused me to grow in several ways, such as in interactions with youth and learning to adjust to a new culture.  Most importantly though, it has facilitated growth in my reliance on God as my source of strength and stability.

Part of the road leading to the canyon

well... at least we got to see the view last year

Shipwrecks hike with parents!

I feel obligate to note we only did the first 1/2 mile

Wild orchid

one of the best study buddies available (bread pudding from a local bakery)

God remains the the mountains of Tall Timber (Cascades) and in the mountains of Kauai

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