Sunday, February 8, 2015

Little Pine Branch (One from Tall Timber)

Little pine branch outside my window
You are covered in snow
I watched you yesterday as the snow fell upon you
At first you were able to withstand it, but it continued to collect upon you
This morning I looked out and there you were
Drooped almost to the point of being perpendicular to the ground
If much more snow had come, you may have been no more
And yet you managed to cling to the rest of the tree
The sun comes out and the temperature rises
The snow begins to fall away
Once it is all gone you are still not back to your previous state
It will take time to regain your strength
As long as you stay connected to your tree, you will continue to become what you were meant to be
It may sound like I am teaching you, but you are the one who is teaching me
You see I am like you, oh branch on the pine tree
At times I feel strong and dance in the wind, yet snow comes for us all
My snow is pride, guilt, fear, depression, sadness, worry
It weighs me down and like you, it comes in seasons
My tree trunk is my Creator, my Lord, my Sustainer, 
Who saves me from falling away when the snow seems to heavy for me
I am not the only branch connected to this trunk
There are thousands upon thousands of others
Unlike you, my neighboring branches go through seasons at different times than one another
The snow comes in different shapes and sizes for them all
In every season they wait and I wait, like you and the other branches wait, for the coming of the eternal spring

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