Saturday, May 5, 2012

Magnificent.  That was the only word that popped into my mind when the moon came into full view through the car window.  We pulled over and got out of the car to walk to a better viewing point.  We stood their looking at the moon before getting back into the warm car about a minute later.  
This experience got me thinking about two ways that it relates to faith and God.  
First, with such a magnificent moon, how could it have been made by chance?  It clearly points to a creator, a talented one at that. 
Second, the moon was the focal point.  The cold temperature was a distraction.   I wouldn’t have frozen to death in this cold, but it made me uncomfortable.  It distracted me from fully enjoying the beauty of the moon.  The question popped into my mind: when seeking something else, will I be able to withstand the distraction and keep seeking, or watching, that something?  Will you?
My Dad took this photo tonight

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