Friday, April 27, 2012

I am a seventeen year old high-school graduate seeking God.  This blog is a journal of that life-long journey.  How do I go about seeking the face of God?
Answer: Reflect (meaning to “think deeply or carefully about” according to Oxford dictionaries)
-about my life
-about Scriptures
-about other people’s view of God
-about what God has done
Why do I want to seek God’s face?  Simple: I believe that we are not here by accident.  I believe that we were meant for some bigger purpose.  That purpose to me is to honor and praise God for all eternity.  Before I go praising something, it is helpful to know what I am praising.  Reviewers don’t praise the unknown by saying “it’s great!”.  Reviewers always have an object in mind: the movie was great, the newest i-phone is great, the book was great!  With the specific object in mind, they tell you why it’s great (ex. the newest i-phone is great because the internet is much faster than it was on the old one).  Seeking who God is allows me to praise God for what He truly is.  In fact, finding out more about who He is deepens my praise of Him.   How do I live my life in a way that honors God?  In order to understand this, I have a little bit of knowledge about who God is and what he wants from us.  How do I find this out?  Read my Bible.  

I could keep looking straight ahead and seeing whatever pops in front of me.  But sometimes, the beauty is around us and we have to look for it.  Take the picture above for example.  I would have never captured this photo if I kept my camera lens facing forward.  I pointed my lens around to see the world around me.  I found magnificence and yet another hint that there is a God.
Finally, what is with the title “Focusing the Lens?”?  One of my passions, along with finding out more about who God is, is photography.  In order to get a good picture, I have to focus the lens on the object.  In this blog the lens is focused on seeking God.

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